Over the past 15 years Surrey CRC has provided trial solutions to leading pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology organisations. We have the capability to undertake Phase I to Phase IV trials in a range of therapeutic areas including clinical pharmacology, sleep disorders and other CNS conditions, infectious diseases, vaccines and oncology.

Particular areas of strength include our ability to design and execute Phase I and IIa trials in sleep, oncology and clinical vaccinology.  In addition, our unique through-the-wall cannulation system allows PK/PD sampling over a 24 hour period without disturbing the sleep profile of our subjects.  This enables accurate biomarker profiles to be obtained across the circadian phase without confounding values through sleep disturbance and physiological stress.

For every study that we work on the Surrey CRC provides you with an experienced Study Team to manage your project from study design, through to the final clinical report. Work with the Surrey CRC and you’ll be working with experienced investigators, clinicians, project managers, recruitment specialists, data managers and statisticians and a broad bank of therapeutic experts to ensure that we always deliver quality results efficiently and effectively.