Human performance testing

Surrey is recognised globally as a centre of excellence in the measurement of psychological performance, cognitive function and memory. We have developed a battery of sensitive, valid and reliable tests used as international benchmarks for testing, particularly in Central Nervous System (CNS) drug development. Psychometrics specially developed and validated for use in CNS drug development programmes include:

Objective Tests

We offer a range of objective psychometric assessments including the following electronic tests:

Electronic Test

  • Choice Reaction Task (CRT)
  • Computerised Psychomotor Vigilance Test (CPVT)
  • Continuous Tracking Task (CTT)
  • Critical Flicker Fusion Task (CFF)
  • Hicks Choice Reaction Task (HCRT)
  • Karolinska Drowsiness Test (KDT)
  • Karolinska Sleepiness Scale (KSS)
  • Leeds Analogue Rating Scale (LARS)
  • Leeds Sleep Evaluation Questionnaire (LSEQ)
  • N Back Tests (N-Back)
  • Paced Visual Serial Addition Task (PVSAT)
  • Positive and Negative Affect Scales (PANAS)
  • Profile of Moods States (POMS)
  • Pursuit Tracking Task (Mouse Tracking Task, MTT)
  • Rapid Visual Information Processing Task (RVIP)
  • Short Term Memory Test (STM)
  • Stroop Task (STROOP)
  • Sustained Attention to Response Task (SART)
  • Texture Discrimination Test (TDT)


These are tests which assess everyday skills such as car driving using our driving simulator

Subjective Rating Scales

We use a broad range of paper-based psychometric tests including:

  • ARCI - 49
  • Advanced Progressive Matrices-Short Form (APM)
  • Brief Pain Inventory (BPI-SF)
  • Digital Symbol Substitution Test (DSST)
  • Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS)
  • General Health Questionnaire – Short Version (GHQ)
  • Horne-Ostberg Questionnaire
  • Karolinska Sleepiness Scale (KSS)
  • Linear Analogue Rating Scale (LARS)
  • Leeds Assessment of Neuropathic Pain
  • Leeds Sleep Evaluation Questionnaire (LSEQ)
  • Mini Mental State Examination (MINI)
  • National Adult Reading Test (NART
  • Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI)
  • Short Form36-V2 (SF36 –V2)
  • Word Recall Immediate and Delayed (WRi – wrd)

Physiological monitoring

We can undertake a range of physiological monitoring procedures including 24-Hour continuous EEG, actigraphy, postural stability and continuous glucose monitoring.

We also run the Surrey Human Performance Institute in collaboration with the Surrey Sports Park which offer state of the art cardiopulmonary exercise tests (CPET) and other physiological assessments. CPET has several uses including the diagnosis and differentiation between cardiac or pulmonary diseases, and also in the monitoring of the response to treatment in patients with cardiopulmonary disease