Our expertise

As part of the University of Surrey we collaborate closely with academic experts particularly in the fields of sleep and wake, chronobiology, oncology, vaccinology and nutrition.  Not only are we able to support their basic research but these academics can also work with our clients to provide expert input into protocol design, execution and analysis.

Early Phase

Our early phase expertise lies in:

  • Sleep and wake
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Chronopharmacology
  • Oncology studies in patients
  • Vaccine trials including HIV
  • Human performance
  • Drug and alcohol interaction
  • Age and gender
  • Phase I


Daryl Bendel (MBChB, MBA, Dip Pharm Med MFPM) has been a Consultant Medical Director at Surrey Clinical Research Centre since July 2007. He has over 18 years of experience in early phase research and drug development in the CRO and BioPharmaceutical Sectors.  Daryl has been involved in more than 400 trials including over 60 first-in-human studies.  He has worked with many leading pharmaceutical companies and has experience with large and small molecules in diverse therapeutic areas. Daryl is the authorised First in Human Investigator for the Surrey Clinical Research Centre MHRA Phase 1 Accreditation. He is a lecturer in the Universities MSc in Pharmaceutical Medicine programme and is approved by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine as an Educational Supervisor for Pharmaceutical Medicine Specialty Training. Daryl is Alternate Vice Chair of the Harrow Research Ethics Committee.


The Surrey Clinical Research Centre has the in-house expertise to assist you in the successful design and execution of vaccine clinical trials ranging from Phase I FIH through to Phase IV.

We offer a highly skilled team of staff who are experts in planning and undertaking clinical trials aligned with specialised scientific expertise in clinical vaccinology. We have the ability to handle complex clinical trials with GMO products; special practices for limiting the unwanted establishment or transfer of GMOs beyond the intended location

Our external Principal Investigator Professor David Lewis is specialised in infectious diseases and tropical medicine, with specific expertise in mucosal immunology, mucosal vaccine delivery, and live genetically modified vaccines. He is on a NRES GTAC gene therapy advisory committee. He has been Principal Investigator or Chief Investigator of numerous parenteral and mucosal vaccine trials, including first-use in humans of GM live attenuated vaccines.

Sleep/ Wake

Derk-Jan Dijk (BSc, MSc, PhD) is an internationally renowned sleep researcher with more than 25 years of experience investigating sleep, waking performance and circadian rhythms.  He has worked collaboratively with the pharmaceutical industry on a number of projects involving the development of hypnotics and counter measures for shift-work and jet lag.  His own research has been funded by UK and USA research bodies and he has authored more than 200 publications.

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