Surrey Clinical Research Centre is a purpose built facility bringing together everything needed to deliver full service clinical trial solutions. We are ideally situated adjacent to The Royal Surrey County Hospital, which enables close collaborative working with our clinical colleagues and ensures the safe delivery of high quality trials. Our facilities include but are not limited to:

  • A dedicated clinical trial facility housing a 12-bedded ward and 12 individual bedrooms, designed to ensure IMP containment and patient safety
  • 12 individual sleep/intensive physiological monitoring laboratories with static and mobile EEG monitoring, advanced sound attenuation, temperature control and isolation from all external time cues.  The laboratories can be used to handle complex clinical trials with GMO products
  • A unique through-the-wall PK/PD sampling system allowing 24 hour sampling without disturbing sleep
  • An on-site secure, temperature-controlled pharmacy with restricted access and a Home Office licence for controlled drugs. Access to a fully licensed MHRA Pharmacy Aseptic Unit capable of manufacturing gene therapy products
  • GLP Laboratories for blood and tissue sample preparation, analysis and storage
  • Storage at 4°C, –20°C, –70°C, -80°C and liquid nitrogen cryostorage; continuous temperature monitoring
  • Fully equipped psychometric suites for comprehensive cognitive testing, subjective assessments and physiological assessments such as postural stability.
  • Access to an Oncology CT Scanner, MRI Scanner, PET scanner, Linear Accelerators and Nuclear Medicine Department
  • A suite of medical monitoring equipment, including ECGs, static and mobile EEG monitors, electronic blood pressure monitors, Holter monitors and Emergency Resuscitation Equipment
  • Emergency Resuscitation Equipment including two defibrillators compliant with Resuscitation Council (UK) and European Resuscitation Council 2013 Guidelines. 
  • Blood glucose monitoring: MiniMedContinuous Glucose Monitoring System gold.
  • Integration with the advanced University-based immunology, biomics and systems biology research resources
  • Participant recreation areas. Facilities include wireless internet access, games and Sky television.
  • Close proximity and interworking with the clinical services of local hospitals.