Sleep and wake monitoring

[object Object]We have state of the art, individual sleep/intensive physiological monitoring laboratories which have advanced sound attenuation, light and temperature control, and isolation from all external time cues.

The laboratories are fitted with infrared CCTV monitoring, with privacy controls, 2-way intercoms, and both emergency and attendant call systems.

Six of these laboratories are fitted with a ‘through-the-portal’ sampling system which enables continuous blood sampling throughout the night without disturbance.

This enables accurate PK/biomarker profiles to be obtained across the 24 hour day without the confounds of sleep disturbance and physiological stress.


Our EEG capabilities comprise static and mobile polysomnographic monitoring, including quantitative EEG.

In the laboratory we are able to conduct digital polysomnographic (PSG) recording of sleep, full clinical polysomnography screening for sleep disorders (with optional synchronised video recording) as well as Multiple sleep latency test (MSLT) and Maintenance of wakefulness test (MWT).

We also use actigraphic recordings of rest/activity patterns both at home and in the laboratory.

We have validated models of sleep disruption and insomnia, including traffic noise.

Our sleep technologists are highly experienced in the manual scoring of sleep to according to R&K (Rechtscahffen and Kales) or AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine) internationally accepted criteria, and the spectral analysis of the sleep and wakefulness EEG.  All sleep data can be exported to non-proprietary European Data Format files.


Surrey is recognised globally as a centre of excellence in the measurement of psychological performance, cognitive function and memory. We utilise a battery of sensitive, valid and reliable standard and bespoke psychometric tests used as international benchmarks for testing, particularly in Central Nervous System (CNS) drug development.

Our experts can advise a suitable battery to meet the requirements of specific protocols that will be presented in a reliable and repeatable way in our dedicated testing environment. The team has a wealth of experience in operating intensive testing schedules while maintaining participant compliance and safety.

Surrey Sleep Research Centre

Surrey Sleep Research Centre (SSRC), Director Prof Derk-Jan Dijk, is dedicated to multidisciplinary approaches to sleep research and education. Prof Dijk has more than 25 years of experience in sleep research. His research interests include the evaluation of human sleep and biological rhythms, quantitative EEG analysis, effects of light on sleep, performance and circadian rhythms, aging and sleep disorders.

He has worked collaboratively with the Pharmaceutical Industry on a number of projects involving the development of hypnotics and counter measures for shift-work and jet lag. His research is also funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and The Airforce Office of Scientific Research.

Professor Dijk is a Member of the European Sleep Research Society, Sleep Research Society, British Sleep Society, The Society for Neuroscience and the Society for Research on Biological Rhythms. He has published more than 150 papers on sleep and circadian rhythms and is frequently invited to speak at national and international scientific conferences.

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