Surrey Clinical Research Centre is recognised globally as a centre of excellence in the measurement of psychological performance, cognitive function and memory. We have developed a battery of sensitive, valid and reliable tests used as international benchmarks for testing, particularly in Central Nervous System (CNS) drug development.

The Guilford Test Battery 2004 (GTB 2004) and Cognitive Performance Test Battery (CPTB) are purpose-built electronically based psychometric test batteries. The batteries have been extensively deployed in Clinical Trials and contain versions of tests which have been widely cited in the neuropsychological and sleep literature. Each battery can be tailored to meet the requirements of specific protocols and presented in a reliable and repeatable way in our dedicated testing environment.

Example tasks

Psychomotor Vigilance Task (PVT) – The PVT is a simple reaction performance task which aims to measure sustained attention with no learning effects over repeated administration

Critical Flicker Fusion (CFF) - The CFF task provides an index of central nervous system activity, or “cortical arousal”.

N-Back - These tasks are increasingly used in the cognitive neuroscience community because of their suitability for various brain-imaging protocols. Visual and Auditory verbal N-back tasks have been shown to be sensitive to sleep duration and sleep latency (Jennings et al., 2003).

Continuous Tracking Task (CTT) - The CTT is a bilateral task of psychomotor function and divided attention.

Although each test battery can be used as a stand-alone tool, they can also be integrated in ways that allows assessment of various neuropsychological constructs, e.g. memory, attention etc. The test batteries can also be used in conjunction with other methods of assessment such as body sway. The Psychometric team has a wealth of experience in operating intensive testing schedules while maintaining volunteer compliance and safety. This is achieved by investing time in training volunteers and validating the study methods.

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