The sleep facilities

  • 12 individual bedrooms which are sound attenuated, light controlled and temperature regulated
  •  Emergency and Attendant call system for each bedroom
  • 2-way intercom in each bedroom
  • Infrared CCTV monitoring with privacy controls
  • Ability to isolate living areas from external time cues
  • 6 bedrooms are fitted with ‘through-the-portal’ sampling which enables continuous blood sampling through the night without disturbance.
  • 12 bedded ward

Sleep acquisition and storage

  • Compumedics ProFusion PSG 3 Suite with neXus Management System
  • 6 Acquisition Workstations and 4 Analysis Workstations
  • 12 Compumedics Wi-Fi Siesta ambulatory recorders with flashcard storage
  • Secure and resilient system with automatic off-site backup
  • Export and archive of data in non-proprietary European Data Format files
  • Service Contract for repair and replacement of essential equipment

Special features

  • Digital PSG with optional synchronised video recording
  • Traffic noise model of insomnia system
  •  Experienced manual scoring of sleep to according to R&K or AASM internationally accepted criterion
  • High inter-scorer concordance
  • Spectral analysis for Pharmaco-EEG of sleep and wakefulness using Vitascore


  • 1 Certified RPSGT technician
  • Continuous monitoring by experienced staff to ensure safety and quality of data
  • Sleep scorers accredited by Central Laboratories
  • Academic expertise

Sleep/wake assessments

  • Full Polysomnography screening
  • Multiple sleep latency test (MSLT)
  • Maintenance of wakefulness test (MWT)
  • Models of sleep disruption and insomnia including traffic noise
  • Circadian models of sleep disruption
  • Actigraphic recording of sleep-wake cycles

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