SRC-DRI-001 Monitoring sleep, behavioural and environmental variables

The aim of this study is to validate new technologies designed to measure sleep and environmental variables (e.g. light and temperature) using a combination of wearable devices and sensors.  Such technology will allow us to unobtrusively and accurately record and monitor sleep-wake cycles and other health indicators over longer periods of time and may assist in the early detection of ill health conditions.

The Principal Investigator for this study is Professor Derk-Jan Dijk.

Participant Requirements 
  • Be between 65-80 years and in stable mental and physical health condition
  • Be able to independently complete activities of daily living
  • Be willing and able to give written and oral informed consent and complete all required study procedures
  • Be willing to wear activity, sleep and light sensors, have sensors placed in living and bedroom, and spend a night in the Clinical Research Centre 
  • Be registered with a GP


Visit 1: Screening - Outpatient visit

Visit 2: Collect equipment – Outpatient visit

Baseline assessment:  9 - 12 days of home sleep measurements

Visit 3: Phone call

Visit 4: Overnight residential stay

Inconvenience Allowance 


Screening visit                                 £50

Baseline assessment at home        £10 per day

Laboratory visit                                £100

Plus travel expenses              up to £50.00

Interested in taking part? 

If you would like more information under no obligation, please contact the recruitment team on: 0800 269 847 or email

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