MHRA Phase I Accreditation

29 January 2015

We are pleased to announce that Surrey CRC was once again awarded MHRA Phase I accreditation in December 2014.

This is the third time that the Centre has passed a Phase I inspection in the past 6 years. These inspections involve reviewing all the centre’s processes to ensure that staff do everything they can to ensure the safety of research participants and guarantee the integrity of the data produced.. 

Being one of only 15 Centres in the UK to have achieved and maintained Phase 1 Accreditation is a significant achievement.  The standard of quality practice this requires demonstrates the ongoing commitment of the dedicated team of staff at Surrey CRC.   

Latest update on Euroneut41 Project- HIV Vaccine

16 December 2013

The Surrey Clinical Research Centre was recently at the centre of an international effort with European Commission funding to design and test a vaccine to prevent HIV/AIDS. The vaccine employed several highly innovative concepts including nasal delivery to produce strong genital tract immunity, liposomal formulation, and an uniquely designed active component to make virus-blocking antibodies. The SCRC conducted the first in human clinical trial of this product, drawing on its extensive expertise in translational medicine, mucosal immunology, and Phase 1 trial accreditation.